Output 1. Active Learning Needs Mapping

To design an Active Learning Methodology, it was necessary to make a thorough analysis of the existing situation in terms of learning methodologies and tools, in terms of teacher and student needs and in terms of school conditions to implement the methodology. The following reports present the current situation in each of the participating countries in terms of teacher, student and other stakeholders’ needs. The reports also present an analysis of current active learning approaches in secondary and vocational schools.

Portugal Italy Greece Spain
Denmark England Turkey

Output 1. Active Learning Methodology

The following document presents the definition of a valid and replicable active, PBL, learning methodology based on ICT tools and how it can be implemented in secondary and vocational schools. It addresses three different levels: the institutional, the pedagogical and the technological. The first one relates to the creation of guidelines for school managers to introduce systematically active learning; the second one relates to the support to the teachers and pedagogical implications; the third one relates to the technological requirements to support it.

ADLES Methodological Approach